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International Thespian Festival Troupe 7224


​How membership is granted:
Thespian membership is granted for the demonstration of a commitment to excellence in theatre arts that meets EdTA’s general guidelines. Specifically, students become members by earning points for their work.
Membership is achieved by complying with all induction criteria as defined in the troupe handbook.
The ITS Thespian point system is the official guideline for awarding induction points.
Any changes to induction criteria, including the Thespian point system, must be adopted as a troupe bylaw.
In addition to the required 10 points from the International Thespian Society, Clarksburg High School has decided that an additional 10 points are necessary to demonstrate a true dedication to theater and the program, thereby making the total points required for induction at 20.
When the required number of points has been earned, an apprentice will be given an invitation informing them that they may join the International Thespian Society.
The Induction Ceremony is held in the Spring.

Awarding points:

The Executive Director makes the final decision regarding the awarding of Thespian points.
Points are awarded in the Fall and in the Spring (after each production).  A point sheet will be distributed at the post-mortem.
If you do not complete the point sheet and return it, you will not be awarded any points.
Crews may get points for only one crew regardless of how many places they assist.
Small shows or cabarets will count as ½ points.
- A student may be suspended or expelled from the troupe by the sponsor. A suspended student may not participate in the activities of any Thespian troupe nor attend Thespian conferences during the period of his or her suspension.
Reasons for suspension can include:
Academic ineligibility
Negative behavior in the troupe
Verified illegal activity (drinking/drugs)


Thespian Troupe #7224 Constitution

Article I: Name, Purpose, and Governance

Section 1

. Name: This organization shall be called Troupe # 7224. The troupe has beenchartered by Clarksburg High School. The charter affiliates it with the InternationalThespian Society (ITS), a division of the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA).

Section 2

. Purpose: The troupe is the honors component of the school’s theatre program.

 Its purpose shall be the advancement of standards of excellence in theatre. Morespecifically, the troupe will encourage students to attain a better mastery of the theatrearts and will reward those who achieve it with induction into the troupe. Thespiansachieving honor ranks shall receive recognition of their exemplary accomplishment.

Section 3

. Governance: This troupe constitution and its bylaws are two components of ahierarchy of documents that govern the Educational Theatre Association and itsmembership. The documents affecting troupes, in order of authority, are: the EducationalTheatre Association Code of Regulations and Membership Policy, the troupe handbooks,the troupe constitution, and troupe bylaws. This constitution may not be altered in anyway that conflicts with a superseding document or school policies and procedures.Article II: Organization and Officers

Section 1.

 Membership: Membership is achieved by complying with all induction criteriaas defined in the troupe handbook. The ITS Thespian point system is the officialguideline for awarding induction points. Any changes to induction criteria, including theThespian point system, must be adopted as a troupe bylaw. In addition to the required 10 points from the International Thespian Society, Clarksburg High School has decided thatan additional 10 points are necessary to demonstrate a true dedication to theater and the program thereby making the total points required for induction at 20.

Section 2

. Officers: The Thespian troupe shall have the following officers: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, historian, social chair and clerk/scribe. Duties shall be

defined in the troupe’s bylaws.


Section 3

. Elections: The troupe shall elect officers for the next school year in the lastfull month of the current school term.Article III: Meetings and Participation

Section 1

. Meetings: Thespian troupe meetings shall be held monthly throughout theschool year. Special meetings may be called by the troupe director, any officer, or by aquorum of Thespians.

Section 2

. Quorum: A quorum shall be a majority of the troupe’s acti

ve membership.

Section 3

. Denial of participation: Any Thespian who causes deliberate dissension ordisruption of any production or business meeting may be denied participation in troupeactivities by a vote of two-

thirds of the troupe’s membership and the

 consent of the troupe director. Any member who is found to be participating in illegal activities will be denied participation in all troupe activities for the year without a vote. Any member requesting reinstatement of participation rights may have them restored with the consent of the troupe director and two-

thirds of the troupe’s membership.

Article IV: Dues and Fees

Section 1

. Dues: There shall be no mandatory dues for Thespian induction except as provided by the Educational Theatre Association Board of Directors for induction.Currently the induction fee is $30

Section 2

. Fees: Troupes may approve additional fees for local Thespian troupe participation. This requires consent of the troupe director and a two-thirds vote of theactive troupe members at a regular troupe meeting. The school and its troupe directormay also assess user fees in accordance with school policy.Article V: Bylaws

Section 1

. Purpose: Bylaws provide additional guidance for the governance andoperations of the troupe. No bylaw may be in conflict with the EdTA Code ofRegulations, EdTA policies, troupe handbook, troupe constitution, or school policy or procedures.

Section 2.

 Adoptions and amendments: The troupe director may adopt or amend bylawsas deemed appropriate. Bylaws may also be added or amended by approval of a simple

majority of the troupe’s active membership and the consent of the troupe director.

 Article VI: Amendments

Section 1

. Exclusions: Article I may not be amended.

Section 2

. Procedure: Articles other than Article I may be amended by approval of two-

thirds of the troupe’s active membership with the consent of the troupe director. This

 constitution and its amendments shall be subject to change according to any or allrequirements of the International Thespian Society.

Thespian Troupe #7224 By-Laws

Article I: Attendance

Section 1

. A student arriving late to or leaving early from meetings or rehearsals withouta reason considered valid by the troupe director will receive a demerit. Three suchoffenses will be counted as an absence from a meeting without excuse.

Section 2

. Irregular attendance indicates a lack of interest; therefore, any member absentfour (4) meetings per school year without a written excuse submitted to the secretary,stage manager, or troupe director shall be automatically suspended from troupe activities.The troupe director has sole authority to reverse the suspension.

Section 3

. Attendance shall be considered in the Thespian points award system.

Section 4

. Absences shall accumulate for only one school year at a time.


 Article II: Thespian Points

Section 1.

 Induction points must be earned over the course of more than one production.

Section 2

. Up to 5 Induction points will be awarded for theatre-related work done outside the

school’s theatre program. To qualify for points, a copy of the program or other 

 verification must be provided.

Section 3

. One half induction point may be earned for attending non-school productions. Toqualify, a ticket stub or a program must be provided as proof of attendance. A maximum of five points may be given this way.Article III: Induction

Section 1

. An induction ceremony shall be held at least once each year. Additionalceremonies may be held as often as deemed necessary by the troupe director.

Section 2

. Induction fees are the responsibility of the inductee.

Section 3

. The troupe director determines the time, place, schedule, and format ofinduction ceremonies.

Section 4

. The troupe director and president conduct inductions. The president isresponsible for training induction ceremony speakers, scheduling and rehearsing saidspeakers, and preparing the stage and induction properties as directed by the troupedirector.Article IV: Officers

Section 1

. Duties: Troupe officer duties are defined below. The troupe director mayassign other duties.


●Arrange for at least 2 fundraisers a year (besides what the parents are doing)

●Runs the boo grams fundraiser (collecting candy spearheads making bags)

●Runs the Valentine’s day fundraiser (collecting candy spearheads making flowers)



●Maintains twitter account

●Posts needed information on facebook/groupme/twitter

●Takes notes at meetings

●creates playbill - chases down those for headshots/bios


Vice president


●Director gift

●Works on playbill

●Aids in nyc trip planning



●Calls meetings to help run the group

●Work on the program for the show

●Make sure others are doing their jobs

●Keep moral up and aid in keeping cast and crew performing to the best of their ability

●Assist with festival paperwork collection and registration

●Collects and organizes all festival paperwork

●Registers for festival


Cappies lead critic

●going to the first meeting to pick shows

●coordinate rides for shows

●making sure that the reviews are turned in

●making sure that we have enough shows

●overseeing the boards and making sure the requirements are met for cappies

●making sure everyone is able to go to the final point tallying

●helping choose the cappies for the following year


Section 2

. Requirements for all elected officers are as follows: each student must be anactive member of the troupe for at least one school year, and at the time of election must be enrolled in grades 10 or 11. Only Seniors may run for president. Officers may not bean officer in any other organization.

Section 3

. Nominations for officers are to be made by written notification. Students mayself-nominate from the floor. Officers will be elected by majority vote and final approval by the troupe director.

Section 4

. Voting will be done by secret written ballot at an official troupe meeting.

Section 5

. Officers shall be installed at the last social or program meeting of the schoolterm.Article V: Troupe Activities


Section 1

. The troupe is not a secret organization. All interested faculty, students, parents, Honorary Thespians, troupe alumni, and administrators are welcome at troupemeetings.

Section 2

. The troupe shall sponsor at least one “philanthropy” program a year for the

  purpose of establishing good relationships with the community and other dramaticgroups.

Section 3

. The troupe shall cooperate with all other departments and clubs in the schoolin helping them with their programs in any way it can.Article VI: Maintaining Active Membership

Section 1

. In order to maintain active membership in the troupe, you must maintainacademic eligibility as stated by the school, Participate in both productions during theschool year, and represent the troupe at festival.

Section 2

. Active membership allows attendance in the troupe field trip at the end of theyear, and permission to wear honor cords at graduation.

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